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The sixth meeting of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has recently drawn to a close. The Gub’mint is about to re-discover that you should not eat what you ate for the last 2.5 million years, and will suggest that you eat more of what the Gub’mint subsidizes (Wheat, Soy, Corn, Sugar…just in balanced portions like they instruct). This graph shows what eating by Gub’mint guidelines has done for us.

I want you to investigate the following:
It now looks like (thanks to new science): Bacon will not give you a heart attack and meat is not “rotting in your colon”. Heart attacks are caused by inflammation from chronic obesity and inflammatory foods. The true threat to arteries are not cholesterol blockage, but hardening caused by the Maillard reaction from chronic high blood glucose, though you were told that the threat from chronic high blood sugar is just insulin resistance and diabetes.

But Jimm! You can SEE blocked arteries! It happens.

Yes. Arteries get blocked. But If you eat more cholesterol, you will up-regulate the machinery that metabolizes cholesterol and it will not clog up your arteries-it will be metabolized. Compare this to up-regulating the machinery that darkens your skin when you spend more time in the sun.Spend all winter inside then go to Florida and get a sun burn and die. Spend all of your time avoiding fat & cholesterol because the Gub’mint/AMA told you to, then eat a pound of bacon, you get a blockage and die. Gradual increased exposure can get your body to a state to deal with sunlight or cholesterol and fat. Avoid them chronically and you will die. Fat, Cholesterol and sunlight are healthy and required.

Also, since you have down-regulated your fat-metabolizing machinery in favor of a high-carb diet GOOD LUCK losing fat. You will kill yourself trying to exercise it away, when all you have to do is train your body to burn fat preferentially. If I stop eating, I start burning fat. When someone with a carb-based diet stops eating, his or her body will turn muscle into sugar before touching the fat.

It looks like (thanks to Freedom of Information Act requests): The Lipid Hypothesis and all of the science of Ancel Keys was bunk. As was The China Study and most of the work that defines your ideas of health. You are fat because of a Nixon election policy scheme & the evolution of corn to an industrial commodity, which happened to coincide nicely with Cuban politics, resulting in loss of their sugar cane which happened to coincide nicely with the invention of High Fructose Corn syrup.

I can explain all of this in obscene biochemical detail for you if you like. But for now, I will just put some links in for reading below.

You are not comfortable being overweight. It is NOT a vanity or social image acceptance/standards issue. And you voted for (or failed to stop) Governmental policy that is going to make it very expensive to not be lean very soon. You demanded the Government chew your food & wipe your ass. It is coming and there is no longer an opt-out.

links of interest:

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Graph adapted from For a Healthy Nation (data sources there)

The Last Anti-Fat Crusaders

~Opinion By Nina Teicholzfrom WSJ Oct 2014


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