We’re fat. We F’ing LOVE science.

So why is everyone’s diet & exercise knowledge stuck in 1977?

This is the time of year we all try to get fit, right? I’m still trying to lose 1/2 of the weight I gained in NOLA last year, so in an effort to keep myself invigorated I am going to review the core material from which I work over the next several weeks and share it with you while I do. I hope it inspires you as it does me. It’s all stuff I’ve posted to Facebook before.

Most of you are trying to get healthy using very out-dated science. If you are using the cardio training/resistance training/salad-eating method, you are 30-40 years out of date and probably very resentful. Ken Cooper, Adelle Davis, Arthur Jones, Dean Ornish and Robert Atkins are dead dinosaurs who wrote your current protocols in the 1970s. It’s time to get public understanding of health science into the information age.

Food scientists have changed your diet radically in the past 30-40 years and now you have to be a scientist to eat and feed your children properly. But being lean is not enough. A giant number of thin people also have metabolic disorders that shorten lives and cost us lots of money which brings us to:

Very importantly, we’ll also talk about why this is more urgent than ever before and it may be more grave an issue than any other problem in the world. NOTHING kills more people than dumb eating and/or being sedentary. Not famine, not war not even disease-bearing insects or that little Amazonian catfish that crawls into your urethra, but not before it costs us a crap-ton of money.

Why do we still think this is an image issue? Why is a backlash against so-called “pressuring societal expectations of image” a justification to be unhealthy? Especially when we now expect someone else to pay for our healthcare? EVERYTHING YOU DO now falls within the purview of healthcare and is subject to be regulated in its name-and will be-as “Healthcare Coverage” approaches single-payerdom. Good job, educated voter. You just signed us all up for cradle-to-grave, sunrise to sunrise regulation.

One of my first jobs involved explaining aquarium chemistry and fish biology to consumers. Soon I was explaining veterinary medicine to pet owners whose eyes crossed when the Doctor spoke. Since then, I have deluded myself with the idea that I have a gift for making sciencey/medical stuff accessible to non-sciencey/medical people. Please let me know if this is true.

As I am no longer employed in a scientific field, and energy homeostasis and metabolic biochemistry are still very important to me, this is my only outlet for study. I might as well beat you over the head with it as I go. Are you in?

At my heaviest (1998) /Leanest (2010)

At my heaviest (1998)       /       Leanest (2010)

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